Day: November 22, 2021

Airwheel SR5 auto-following suitcase — get ready to never carry your suitcase again

Abstract: Via joyful products to create free intelligent life is exactly the development trend for the Airwheel and the intelligent equipment. Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase is making breakthrough in the whole industry, with the aim to let people enjoy a much freer and more intelligent travel.

Travelling is one of the most popular ways for modern people to destress. Your options are broad and varied, and you will have to choose the best mode of transportation to suit your itinerary. If you will be traveling long distances between destinations, you might consider flying or taking trains. If you will be traveling within a city or region, try biking, renting a car, or using public transportation. Whatever you choose, Airwheel SR5 intelligent auto-following suitcase will make your travel even better.

Airwheel SR5 smart luggage gives you the opportunity to be a unique and stylish traveler

Abstract: Airwheel SR5 is the first type of intelligent self-driving suitcase in Airwheel history and acts as a new travel mate for travelers. Travelling with SR5 is a fascinating experience for traveler since it offers many cool features.

Each design detail of SR5 reflects the consideration towards convenience and comforts, which is finally realized by the excellent design according to ergonomics. SR5 smart luggage makes travelling labor-saving and efficient with 2km/h, as it can follow you automatically and stops when the owner stops, due to the visual recognition module and real-time monitoring. SR5 will release voice prompts when turning power on/off, detecting human tracking, losing target and over-speeding. Moreover, SR5 adopts modular battery design, which makes unlimited range be possible. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with USB power supply port and supplies power for cell phone, Pad and other daily USB electronics. Such a design is widely acclaimed by travelers with long journey.

Test the Airwheel smart suitcases at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

Abstract: From 13 to 16 April, welcome to visit Airwheel booth at 3F B15&
B17, in Hall 3 at the 
B17, in Hall 3 and there is a long queue of visitors. In addition to the electric scooters, there are three different suitcases worth your attention. Airwheel SR3 is an intelligent autonomous suitcase featuring auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, mobile phone remote control and anti-lost alarm and more, which is very important in the crowded area like train stations and airports. It is applied with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance and out-of-range alarming techniques to carry your stuff safely and free your hands during traveling.

How about the test ride of Airwheel SE3 ride-able suitcase at 2018 Hong Kong Electronic Fair?

Abstract: It is the second day of spring edition of 2018 HK Electronics Fair. Airwheel, specializing in intelligent travel equipment has released many great products. What a bustling scene at Airwheel booth 3F B15&
at the same time, one-button auto-expanding, simple operation, and free conversion between riding and dragging. The large non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. Moreover, SE3 ride-able suitcase has equipped aluminum alloy rod to increase the strength and reduce the shake of the pull rod. The gear adjustment design adapts to different heights.

Airwheel SR5 visual following suitcase Meets Your Specific Needs as A Traveler

Abstract: Devoting to producing smart convenient electric vehicles, Airwheel makes travel furthermore convenient and creative with the launch of SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase. It is able to adhere to airline restrictions and meet your specific needs as a traveler.

Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase is more flexible than traditional suitcases, and can effectively reduce the travel burden. Position track and anti-lost alarm allow you to switch between auto-follow and remote control easily and safely. By this way, they can travel more convenient and faster. SR5 auto-following suitcase might be the perfect bag for travelers that want their clothes to 

Airwheel takes big strides to march forward with the release of SR5 auto-following suitcase

Abstract: "
Different from the traditional self-balance vehicle, Airwheel SR5 will be able to play a role as travel mate and bring convenience to every journey. Airwheel SR5 self-driving luggage has built-in small omni-wheels enabling them to be pulled along on hard flat surfaces by a fixed or extendable handle or by a retractable or towable leash. Also, the wheels are mute and shockproof making it produce no noise pollution. It can be controlled via a smartphone application and has features like auto follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent alarm system, removable and chargeable battery and other.